Expert on learning – supporting development


evere provides professional training and coaching, supervision (work counselling) for workgroups, experts and managers both in English and Finnish. Tevere also provides career coaching for internationally skilled individuals residing in Finland.

Fields of expertise

We specialize in training, coaching and counselling people in different areas of working life. Our expertise consists of:

• Leadership and management coaching and training
• Work community, group and individual supervision (work counselling)
• Training for mentors, workplace trainers, supervisors and other workplace developers.

We focus on developing skills in human interaction and competence development, including subjects such as personal development, feedback, trust, learning and dialogue. Therefore our training, coaching and counselling is suitable for individuals and groups working in many different fields.

Our primary goal is to achieve long-lasting results for both the organization and its members in all forms of guidance we use. The aim is to achieve new perspectives, learning, insight and inspiration. This is done through close collaboration with our clients, taking into consideration their needs built on an ethical platform with a solution-focused approach.


Tevere was founded in 2010, combining the experience of two private entrepreneurs Päivi Kupias and Raija Peltola with long careers in training. Nowadays, the acting CEO is Minna-Rosa Kanniainen.

Career coaching for international talents in Finland

Individual career coaching will be tailored to each client´s needs, background and situation